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Booty Resistance Band


(1 customer review)
(1 customer review)

Booty Resistance Band


This is a booty-focused resistance band with an average level of resistance. Recommended for booty workout sessions and individuals with wider hips.

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Take your Glutes and lower body workout to the next level with this high-quality non-slip booty band. Adding the extra resistance to your workouts can include many benefits such as challenging your glutes, strengthen hamstrings, and extra support to your knees.


It is 8cm wide and 34cm long with an anti-slip feature embedded making it most comfortable and suitable for those who have very wide hips because it will not roll up when in use.

Product Benefits

Robustness:- A thick resistance band for extreme durability
Versatility:- More than 15 exercises to work your glutes.
User Comfort:- Wide with a fabric cover for enhanced comfort during your workouts
Compact Design:- Small and practical to tuck into your gym or weekend bag

Product Composition

Elastic band : 50.0% Polyamide, Elastic band : 44.0% Elastodiene, Elastic band : 6.0% Polyester
Wash with cold water

1 review for Booty Resistance Band

  1. Raymond

    Great stuff

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